Well it finally arrived  about a week ago, but with a weekend away between now and then I'm only just getting to grips with it.

Well unlike Godot, my StarLite V Linux Laptop/Tablet is finally on its way having left Godalming in the tender care of Royal Mail. It's been a long long wait, but at least StarLabs provided some (unitentional) humour in the final month.

Starting on writing J5 components with xbMusic I discover a much better way of creating tags progrmatically (see previous version here). Most of this could probably be done in J3 but I didn't realise that. Essentially instead of creating a Table object and separately calling the bind() check() and store() functions you can create a Tags model and just call save. I think the reason I didn't do this before was because of wanting to check within the createGetTag() function that the tag and its parent didn't already exist.


I finally got around to playing with J5 and annoyed to find that the Atum admin template has implemented a minimal form of link hinting that only detects target="blank" and places an icon before the link text which just feels totally wrong. There doesn't seem to be anything similar in the Cassiopedia site default template fortunately.