Finally bothered to work out the simple way of stopping Joomla 3.10 creating those pesky 0000-00-00 00:00:00 dates which are now invalid in MySql. This is very simple for components you control, and possible to easily hack in the core Joomla - which will be one of the features of Roomla when I get around to it.

I've just spent a couple of days trying to fix a problem with jQuery and Bootstrap modals on a Joomla component page.

I was updating the xbCulture components - adding site pages preview modal popups (using an eycon  as the modal trigger) and changing the arrangement to use ajax direct loading of the modal-content div. On the admin pages I had been saving or re-loading the page when the modal closed, but I didn't really want to do that is it looses the page context.

One thing I find myself frequently needing is a way of previewing what an item will look like in the site view from the admin list or edit view for the item. In J3 there is no built-in preview facility, and the Regular Labs Better Preview extension only works with the built-in components. 

After years of working around this by previewing using a second front-end tab and saving in admin and re-loading in the site window in order to see what it will look like I finally got around to working out how to make a Preview button on the admin page toolbar bring up a preview of the site view of the item in a modal window even if it is not published - much more convenient, and avoids the necessity to publish your work in progress before it is ready.

Previously I discussed a way of hinting to the user that a link would open in a new tab/window by simply using css to append an icon to the link text if the target="_blank" attribute was present. This is all very well, but fails to distinguish between external (off-site) links and links to a new page on the current site.