• A Question

    Do you want Healthcare, or do you want to be Healthy?

    Of course it is not an either/or, or even a real question, but it does draw attention to the way we can so easily forget the real priorities.

    Do you want the new big thing, or do you want to be happy?

    Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be comfortable?

    Do you want the quick fix, or do you want to do the work for a real lasting solution?

    Do you want to sit there wasting away on the internet, or do you want to be active and involved?

    [gets coat and exits stage left pursued by a polar bear]

  • Confusing Big Data

    Ok Theo and other FB contacts. Please note that henceforth my liking of items on FB will be random and in no way reflect my true opinions. Prior to leaving FB sometime in the next few months I aim to slightly confuse BigData miners attempting to profile me.

    Whilst I support the freedom of information, we have to recognise that there is a problem in that although access to raw data may be "equal" the ability to make use of it is essentially asymmetric - it requires significant resources of time money and skill to be able to convert mass data into useful information, and the privileged abuse of it corrupts power and relationships.

    Such abuse is now open to those embedded within global capital and inasmuch as both Brexit and TrElection may have been influenced by privileged use of mass profiling then as individual members of society it is incumbent on use to fight back wherever possible by corrupting the data which is being used to abuse power.

    Those still involved in minority politics have first hand experience of this - already they are outgunned by those making even simple use of targeted communications. Unless the threat is neutralised the chances that politicians opposed to global capitalism can ever be elected approach zero.

    I call for a campaign of deliberate introduction of noise into the data-sets being gathered through Facebook. Your real friends know your real opinions, the rest doesn't matter.

    Of course FB is just a small part of the bigdata picture. You also need to consider how to confuse the data gathered from phones, from number plate recognition, from financial transactions, from CCTV, from all the other myriad data trails that you create all day.

    You have to start somewhere, and confusing your FB data is easy to practice. See what happens...

  • Derailing the Behemoth

    From an email discussion on the Transition Cornwall Network list debating the implications of a peer reviewed scientific paper by Anderson and Bows on climate change

    A quote from the last page (of Anderson & Bows 2010):

    "the logic of such studies suggests (extremely) dangerous climate change can only be avoided if economic growth is exchanged, at least temporarily, for a period of planned austerity within Annex 1 nations [that's us] and a rapid transition away from fossil-fuelled development within non-Annex 1 nations."

    The only way that is going to happen is if activists start actively disrupting infrastructure now to force a controlled collapse. The alternative is to gather your favourite books and people together and prepare to survive in the +6deg world which inevitably follows from +2deg through positive feedbacks.

    Forget Galvanising Cornwall - it would be more appropriate to simply stop Cornwall's CO2 emissions by direct action; half a dozen dedicated people could now probably derail the capitalist consumption behemoth at least within an area the size of Cornwall.

    Good luck and pass the matches...

  • Hope

    Only when Hope ends can Action begin

    ?David Jensen

  • The News

    The News is all about focusing on the trees and not seeing the wood, and usually focusing on the bark and being unaware of the root, stem, shoot, leaf, bud, flower, fruit who all have a different story to tell.

    The News supports the line of progress, focuses on a small section of time - the instant now - and places it only in a narrative of continuous progress and growth. It does this because it can only see a linear and small scale context.

    The News works to prevent the consumer from seeing that this fragment is a part of a larger narrative arc that is itself merely a segment in an historical cycle.

  • To the Amazon

    I want to buy a book. Its published by the Aurum press and its retail price is £9.99. The author recommends getting it from Word Power Books, an independent online bookstore set up in 1994 as an alternative to the then growing Amazon behemoth. They have the book discounted to £8.49.

    There is also a Kindle edition available which, of course, has to come from Amazon at £4.29, also linked from the author's site. I don't like reading non-fiction, which this book is, on Kindle but whilst considering I notice that Amazon have the physical book for £6.99 - hmmmm. Postage is £2.75, but if I were to spend another £3.01, which I easily could do, then postage would be free - hmmmmm.

  • Wealth

    Today the richest 85 people on earth own more wealth than the bottom half of humanity, some 3.5 billion people. Naomi Klein writes: "We are witnessing a transfer of wealth of unfathomable size... into the hands of the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the world"

    Which begs the question what is this "wealth" which they "own". Mostly it is represented by paper and bytes which the rest of us consensually agree gives them authority over us. It is also control over common resources which is also only maintained by our complicit consent. The commons remain the property of the earth, we allow certain people and groups to exploit them.

    It doesn't have to be like this. We can withdraw our consent. We can assert that each of us in our moments of radiant happiness and harmony inside nature are the real wealthy ones.

    In practical terms we can choose to disengage and re-empower ourselves. That is the first step that must lead to effective direct action.