• A Good Thing to Trump

    Here's a positive thought about the direction of the new US administration.
    It could be that Trump will be far more focussed on internal US affairs than Barrack O'Bomber and his predecessors.
    US is a sovereign country and can do what it likes to control its borders whether we like it or would do the same ourselves or not.
    It can also pretty much do what it likes inside its borders - we already trade and have relations with plenty of pretty despicable regimes around the world, if the US wants to head towards being another pariah state then so be it.
    If Trump's project is to make Amerika great again on the inside for god-bothering citizens, then at least he is not so much bombing and destabilising other countries and that is a good thing.
    This could mark a step on the road back from the US being the schoolyard bully of nations to it playing more in the role of the fat kid with family issues who doesn’t really get on with anyone.
    This is part and parcel of the decline of empire and is to be welcomed, whilst keeping a weather eye out for the deposed bully lashing out at random.

  • Dimitri Orlov's Four Questions

    Dimitri Orlov asked four questions following the 2014 Age of Limits conference. They covered issues that he felt needed answers to enable movement beyond intellectualising about collapse to practical action and changes. They covered family relations, wider relationships, personal physical resilience and creating communities.

    Here are my responses together with the full questions.