• Hard Green Choices Ahead

    Reply to Brian Heatley who linked my comments on the 2014 Election results with pieces by Adam Ramsay giving a Green-Left perspective and Sandy Irvine raising issues from a Forest-Green point of view. I don't have links to Adam and Sandy's originals - maybe I'll create a Guests section to re-post them in.

    Thanks for copying me in Brian, nice to know someone reads something one writes! (and on the members website too - I thought that was a real graveyard)

    I tend towards the Sandy position on the wider issues. I haven't looked at the results in detail but my impression is that Adam is painting an over optimistic picture, and even if he is right it seems that trying to energise a left of labour activist base about an ecological emergency is going to be a tough task.

  • Leaving

    Unfortunately the official green party is no longer the Ecology Party and it is very odd to see long standing greens turning their back on all their ecological princples and backing a capitalist growth engine.

    • You know that small is beautiful and that centralisation only concentrates power and alienates people from their habitat.
    • You know that membership of the EU is not the only or even the best way to talk to and work with our neighbours.
    • You know that the solution to our ecological emergency requires massive and fundamental changes that simply cannot be imposed by a system that is fundamentally opposed to such changes.

    So the only sane green answer is to vote leave.

    I simply do not understand why you are all so scared of change and imagine voting for business as usual will not continue to make things worse - much worse. All this left right stuff is just internal Tory froth - for goodness sake see through it, stop being deluded and vote leave.

  • Offline joy

    Back from two weeks with no computer, in places with mostly no phone signal and no data connection even when there was phone reception, no sign of any supermarkets apart from a small coop in every town, no sight of any newspapers (they were available but why bother with their secondhand reality), and no radio.

    Yes it was in England and it was glorious.

    Glancing through the updates here people have posted some interesting links to seemingly true but disempowering information (eg on various aspects of the state of the biosphere and the politicosphere) - thanks for those. I don't think I'll be writing anything on here again.

    If you want to say something to me either phone me or letter me or come round. The revolution will not be facebooked.

  • On Protests

    Last month hundreds or thousands or a million people "marched" against climate change. I'm sure climate change is quaking in its boots and will stop changing the climate forthwith. To be fairer they marched for their "leaders" to take "effective" action to stop climate change. I'm sure the leaders were duly impressed and have taken note.

    I attended this "march" in Bristol, which I think was pretty typically of all the other more or less simultaneous marches around the world. 350, Avaaz, 38degrees, and all the other inside-the machine "environmental" organisations hailed it as the "biggest climate march ever" which "made history".

  • There is no Ecology Party

    Thanks to a much delayed bus I found myself driving the A30 to Exeter at 5pm on Friday listening to R3. GP leadership was an item on the news so I gritted my teeth and switched to R4 to listen to the PM take on it.

    As reception drifted in and out around Dartmoor I heard their new leadership through the static do a good job of trying to appeal to Labour/Socialist votes and batting away loaded questions by the interviewer (well done there), but absolutely no mention of what should make the GP a unique proposition - no mention of environmental crisis, nothing, nada.

    Such a shame there is no longer an Ecology Party in the UK and no representation at all for the wider Green Movement. No attempt to appeal to a wide demographic who are deeply concerned about core green issues like continuing eco-system collapse. Just a narrow attempt to appeal to college educated sensible leftish minded middle class people who think a progressive alliance (WTF ever that is) will somehow make everything all right and lead to the greenest government ever - again

    They really are off the planet. Bring back David Ike?!

  • Wealth

    Today the richest 85 people on earth own more wealth than the bottom half of humanity, some 3.5 billion people. Naomi Klein writes: "We are witnessing a transfer of wealth of unfathomable size... into the hands of the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the world"

    Which begs the question what is this "wealth" which they "own". Mostly it is represented by paper and bytes which the rest of us consensually agree gives them authority over us. It is also control over common resources which is also only maintained by our complicit consent. The commons remain the property of the earth, we allow certain people and groups to exploit them.

    It doesn't have to be like this. We can withdraw our consent. We can assert that each of us in our moments of radiant happiness and harmony inside nature are the real wealthy ones.

    In practical terms we can choose to disengage and re-empower ourselves. That is the first step that must lead to effective direct action.


  • What Goes Around

    Its not Sunday, but here's a press release I just came across which you might enjoy:
    The truth is that whether Britain stays in or comes out of Europe we are doomed to continue our industrial decline with all that that implies. World conditions of (increasing) overpopulation, resource shortages and food scarcity will see to that. Europe as a whole will one day have to face the same situation being only about 80% self sufficient.
    The choice facing Britain on June 5th is very simple:-

    "Are we prepared to accept a sharp sudden jolt of catastrophic proportions in unemployment, food shortages and so on by pulling out now, but by being the first industrialised nation to face up to the realities of 'the post industrial age' use this to advantage to become once again our own masters.(Producing all our own food & living within our resources)"
    "Do we hang onto Europe and sink slowly into the slough and the inevitable eventual even greater catastrophy that faces the Western World over a longer period of time barring a complete shift in fundamental values and policies" ?
    The PEOPLE party says 'NO' as the answer in this referendum but looks hopefully to a broader vision of our future needs.
    Dated 31st May 1975. What goes around comes around.
    (yes they couldn't spell catastrophe - but remember typewriters didn't have spell-checkers built in)