• Hard Green Choices Ahead

    Reply to Brian Heatley who linked my comments on the 2014 Election results with pieces by Adam Ramsay giving a Green-Left perspective and Sandy Irvine raising issues from a Forest-Green point of view. I don't have links to Adam and Sandy's originals - maybe I'll create a Guests section to re-post them in.

    Thanks for copying me in Brian, nice to know someone reads something one writes! (and on the members website too - I thought that was a real graveyard)

    I tend towards the Sandy position on the wider issues. I haven't looked at the results in detail but my impression is that Adam is painting an over optimistic picture, and even if he is right it seems that trying to energise a left of labour activist base about an ecological emergency is going to be a tough task.

  • There is no Ecology Party

    Thanks to a much delayed bus I found myself driving the A30 to Exeter at 5pm on Friday listening to R3. GP leadership was an item on the news so I gritted my teeth and switched to R4 to listen to the PM take on it.

    As reception drifted in and out around Dartmoor I heard their new leadership through the static do a good job of trying to appeal to Labour/Socialist votes and batting away loaded questions by the interviewer (well done there), but absolutely no mention of what should make the GP a unique proposition - no mention of environmental crisis, nothing, nada.

    Such a shame there is no longer an Ecology Party in the UK and no representation at all for the wider Green Movement. No attempt to appeal to a wide demographic who are deeply concerned about core green issues like continuing eco-system collapse. Just a narrow attempt to appeal to college educated sensible leftish minded middle class people who think a progressive alliance (WTF ever that is) will somehow make everything all right and lead to the greenest government ever - again

    They really are off the planet. Bring back David Ike?!