• Blinds in a Bedroom

    Debate of the day - Jane wants to replace the curtains (which need replacing as they have a floral pattern and colour which clashes with other furnishings in the room) with slatted blinds. She is talking about wide wooden slats. I am viscerally against this idea and I wasn't sure why so have thought it through.

    I think that there are several things going on here in my head to do with the pattern of bedroom and the characteristic actions and feelings associated with a harmonious sleeping space.

  • Fanks

    Thanks Time.

    Its Sunday, time for a Facebook check-in. Time to say Thank You to various people:

    Dub The Earth, Fast Decline, Daniel Kemp, Kangaroo Moon, John Fairhurst, Here and Now, The Don Bradmans, Hoopy Frood, Brewers Daughter, Echo Town, Magic Bus, Seize The Day for some amazing music and especially Hayerajah for getting me dancing my socks off. Claire Ferguson Walker for hugely entertaining talk and poetry (and another poet on Thursday whose name I didn't get). Herbie Giradet for running a great discussion on Community Energy and Ian Bright for reminding us that Western Power are on the case in solving the grid bottleneck to the SW in 2017 whatever happens with Hinkley. Theo, Shane and Nikki for a great talk and discussion on Hinkley. Helen Steel and Rob Evans for the session on Pitchford (police infiltration of protest and activist groups) Enquiry. Marcus Moore for the bus talk. Simon Fairlie for setting out the basis of the Landworkers Alliance rural manifesto clearly in his inimitable way. Molly Scott Cato for moving on really well from the referendum debate and highlighting the opportunities (challenging ones) it has created - this was always the point of voting leave to create some disruption to the status quo. All those involved in organising and running the Green Gathering and especially those whose history goes back to Molesworth. And of course all those who attended for being so friendly to each other - another world is not only possible, it exists.