• Un-cooperativisation

    Just suppose - you were in charge of a system that managed the financial affairs of a society. Suppose that this system, whilst appearing to benefit everyone, in fact acted as a slow but inexorable wealth pump that channelled wealth and benefits into the hands of those that were in control. Suppose it also incorporated mechanisms to keep the vast bulk of people secure in the belief that the system was benign and operating in their own best interests.

    Now suppose that over time some of the difficulties and inherent contradictions in the system started to come to the attention to some of the people. Suppose that the idea that your system was not in fact the best possible system in th best of all possible worlds was starting to take root and voices were being raised questioning the efficacy and purpose of your financial system.

  • Who Got All The Pies?

    So who got a pay rise of 11% in 2010-11 while her staff got a 0.4% rise (or a 3% cut in real terms)?

    Whose peers doing the same job got a 0.8% increase while she enjoyed her 11% inflation busting top-up to her gross salary?

    Who gets paid 32% more than the average salary of her peers?

    Answers in today's THES

    Who actually does the work which increases our university's efficiency and rankings?


    Who gets all the pies?