• Can the Green Party ever be effective?

    One of the main problems with Greens, meaning members of the Green Party (at least in England and Wales) is that they are either too nice (ie people very like me) or they are entryist refugees from the 'hard-left' who take a thoroughly anthropocentric view of society and its place on the planet which sits extremely ill with the eco-centric view of the natural greens...

    Of course there is much in common in analysis of our current ills - yes social injustice, inequality, authoritarianism and so on are real problems.

  • There is no Ecology Party

    Thanks to a much delayed bus I found myself driving the A30 to Exeter at 5pm on Friday listening to R3. GP leadership was an item on the news so I gritted my teeth and switched to R4 to listen to the PM take on it.

    As reception drifted in and out around Dartmoor I heard their new leadership through the static do a good job of trying to appeal to Labour/Socialist votes and batting away loaded questions by the interviewer (well done there), but absolutely no mention of what should make the GP a unique proposition - no mention of environmental crisis, nothing, nada.

    Such a shame there is no longer an Ecology Party in the UK and no representation at all for the wider Green Movement. No attempt to appeal to a wide demographic who are deeply concerned about core green issues like continuing eco-system collapse. Just a narrow attempt to appeal to college educated sensible leftish minded middle class people who think a progressive alliance (WTF ever that is) will somehow make everything all right and lead to the greenest government ever - again

    They really are off the planet. Bring back David Ike?!