• Filters and Prisms

    A filter is designed to block out unwanted or irrelevant stuff so that what you get through the filter is purified. (or alternatively what is trapped in the filter may be the bit you want with the impurities washed away after passing through)

    A prism breaks stuff up into its components so that you can analyse it.

  • Not everything

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

    Albert Einstien

  • Spengler - concrete philosophy

    Spengler likens a Doric column to mathematics in stone. So what would be an example of philosophy in stone. How is philosophy made concrete in the world? Is architecture in fact aspiring to be physical philosophy?

    Doesn't a dwelling, be it tower block or cob cottage, not encode a whole set of philosophical assumptions about life. Does this bring us back round to Street Farm and radical eco-architecture?