• Can the Green Party ever be effective?

    One of the main problems with Greens, meaning members of the Green Party (at least in England and Wales) is that they are either too nice (ie people very like me) or they are entryist refugees from the 'hard-left' who take a thoroughly anthropocentric view of society and its place on the planet which sits extremely ill with the eco-centric view of the natural greens...

    Of course there is much in common in analysis of our current ills - yes social injustice, inequality, authoritarianism and so on are real problems.

  • Derailing the Behemoth

    From an email discussion on the Transition Cornwall Network list debating the implications of a peer reviewed scientific paper by Anderson and Bows on climate change

    A quote from the last page (of Anderson & Bows 2010):

    "the logic of such studies suggests (extremely) dangerous climate change can only be avoided if economic growth is exchanged, at least temporarily, for a period of planned austerity within Annex 1 nations [that's us] and a rapid transition away from fossil-fuelled development within non-Annex 1 nations."

    The only way that is going to happen is if activists start actively disrupting infrastructure now to force a controlled collapse. The alternative is to gather your favourite books and people together and prepare to survive in the +6deg world which inevitably follows from +2deg through positive feedbacks.

    Forget Galvanising Cornwall - it would be more appropriate to simply stop Cornwall's CO2 emissions by direct action; half a dozen dedicated people could now probably derail the capitalist consumption behemoth at least within an area the size of Cornwall.

    Good luck and pass the matches...

  • On Protests

    Last month hundreds or thousands or a million people "marched" against climate change. I'm sure climate change is quaking in its boots and will stop changing the climate forthwith. To be fairer they marched for their "leaders" to take "effective" action to stop climate change. I'm sure the leaders were duly impressed and have taken note.

    I attended this "march" in Bristol, which I think was pretty typically of all the other more or less simultaneous marches around the world. 350, Avaaz, 38degrees, and all the other inside-the machine "environmental" organisations hailed it as the "biggest climate march ever" which "made history".

  • UKIP Greens Media Policies - so what?

    Comment posted on GP Members website to discussion about the 2014 election results, the rise of UKIP, and the media treatment of the GP.

    After the event you can make up almost any narrative you like to describe the results. There is insufficient evidence to provide firm support for any particular story so you can believe whatever would be most convincing to you - and it wont matter.

  • Wealth

    Today the richest 85 people on earth own more wealth than the bottom half of humanity, some 3.5 billion people. Naomi Klein writes: "We are witnessing a transfer of wealth of unfathomable size... into the hands of the wealthiest corporations and individuals in the world"

    Which begs the question what is this "wealth" which they "own". Mostly it is represented by paper and bytes which the rest of us consensually agree gives them authority over us. It is also control over common resources which is also only maintained by our complicit consent. The commons remain the property of the earth, we allow certain people and groups to exploit them.

    It doesn't have to be like this. We can withdraw our consent. We can assert that each of us in our moments of radiant happiness and harmony inside nature are the real wealthy ones.

    In practical terms we can choose to disengage and re-empower ourselves. That is the first step that must lead to effective direct action.