aka The Fat VC

  • Corporatising the Poly

    On Thursday a small ceremony symbolically marked the latest phase in the creation of the corporate-educational complex that calls itself Plymouth University.

    The Vice Chancellor (Wendy 'I-love-shopping' P) finally got around to visiting our building. Not to meet the staff (heaven forfend, she avoids staff like we've got leprosy) but to 'open' the branch of Santander bank which is squatting in the corner between Link and Smeaton buildings.

    Of course the branch has in fact been open for some weeks - but it takes the VC a while to catch up with things - possibly her chauffeur had time off and she couldn't leave her fortress in Portland Villas (yes, she is known to demand her chauffeur driven car to get from her suite to the Roland Levinsky building - a distance of all of 300 yards, which is obviously too far to waddle and carries too much risk of running into real people or staff)

  • Work is for Losers

    So last week the Vice Chancellery was distributing its awards for well done-ness to staff. Last year I was nominated for one much to my embarrassment as it was for something that many other people had contributed to, but fortunately the awards ceremony (a blooming black tie dinner - not my scene) was on my 60th birthday so I had excuse not to go, and fortunately again I didn't win it anyway.

    This year seeing it from the other side there is a clear message coming from the VC through all of the posters advertising "Are You a Winner?" - and that is that if you are not a winner then you are a Loser and therefore a burden to the enterprise and you should just feck off.