Its not Sunday, but here's a press release I just came across which you might enjoy:
The truth is that whether Britain stays in or comes out of Europe we are doomed to continue our industrial decline with all that that implies. World conditions of (increasing) overpopulation, resource shortages and food scarcity will see to that. Europe as a whole will one day have to face the same situation being only about 80% self sufficient.
The choice facing Britain on June 5th is very simple:-

"Are we prepared to accept a sharp sudden jolt of catastrophic proportions in unemployment, food shortages and so on by pulling out now, but by being the first industrialised nation to face up to the realities of 'the post industrial age' use this to advantage to become once again our own masters.(Producing all our own food & living within our resources)"
"Do we hang onto Europe and sink slowly into the slough and the inevitable eventual even greater catastrophy that faces the Western World over a longer period of time barring a complete shift in fundamental values and policies" ?
The PEOPLE party says 'NO' as the answer in this referendum but looks hopefully to a broader vision of our future needs.
Dated 31st May 1975. What goes around comes around.
(yes they couldn't spell catastrophe - but remember typewriters didn't have spell-checkers built in)