Sunday. Facebook day.

What a lot of people moaning because they can't accept a simple answer to a complex question. Three weeks of people unable to see beyond the end of their nose and being manipulated, and now they still can't see what is going on. Not that I can either, but there is plenty of good as well as some bad about the vote.

In part it is in favour of decentralisation (a good green principle) and against decisions being taken by a remote and arrogant political class.
That political class largely acts in the interests of planet destroying global business. Business itself is only doing what it is structurally constrained to do by a capitalist economic system. Capitalism is founded on a single vision rationalist world view which sees man as over nature, rather than part of nature.

Other philosophies are available.

Some of them are better tuned to the ecological systems which we are all a part of rather than masters of.