Unfortunately the official green party is no longer the Ecology Party and it is very odd to see long standing greens turning their back on all their ecological princples and backing a capitalist growth engine.

  • You know that small is beautiful and that centralisation only concentrates power and alienates people from their habitat.
  • You know that membership of the EU is not the only or even the best way to talk to and work with our neighbours.
  • You know that the solution to our ecological emergency requires massive and fundamental changes that simply cannot be imposed by a system that is fundamentally opposed to such changes.

So the only sane green answer is to vote leave.

I simply do not understand why you are all so scared of change and imagine voting for business as usual will not continue to make things worse - much worse. All this left right stuff is just internal Tory froth - for goodness sake see through it, stop being deluded and vote leave.