The News is all about focusing on the trees and not seeing the wood, and usually focusing on the bark and being unaware of the root, stem, shoot, leaf, bud, flower, fruit who all have a different story to tell.

The News supports the line of progress, focuses on a small section of time - the instant now - and places it only in a narrative of continuous progress and growth. It does this because it can only see a linear and small scale context.

The News works to prevent the consumer from seeing that this fragment is a part of a larger narrative arc that is itself merely a segment in an historical cycle.


The News creates and fosters anxiety by focussing attention on things that the individual consumer has no direct (and usually no indirect) power to influence. This it creates worry and stress if the news subject is 'bad news' and promotes fatalism and acceptance if the news subject is 'good news'.

The News promotes predigested opinions - sometimes explicitly, most often implicitly - ostensibly for ease of consumption, but in fact discouraging critical thinking and supporting an agenda which may not coincide with the interests of the news consumer.

The News filters, refines and simplifies to the extent that meaning is distorted and then lost.

What we need is knowledge and context. What we get poisonous pap that rots the mind.

Turn it off and get it out of your life.