In 1969 Theodore Roszak, considering the emerging youth counter culture which flared briefly and threatened the status quo, wrote. "If the resistance of the counter culture fails, I think there will be nothing in store for us but what anti-utopians like Huxley and Orwell have forecast - though I have no doubt that these dismal despotisms will be far more stable and effective than their prophets have foreseen. For they will be equipped with techniques of inner manipulation as unobtrusively fine as gossamer. Above all, the capacity of our emerging technocratic paradise to denature the imagination by appropriating to itself the whole meaning of Reason, Reality, Progress and Knowledge will render it impossible for men to give any name to their bothersomely unfulfilled potentialities but that of madness."

In the event of course the counter-culture turned out to be a flash in the pan quickly treated with the tools of disconnection - fragmentation, marketisation, isolation of the core, and assimilation of the mass. You can't rely on the young to stay the hard course of revolutionary change - they are too easily distracted.