One of the main problems with Greens, meaning members of the Green Party (at least in England and Wales) is that they are either too nice (ie people very like me) or they are entryist refugees from the 'hard-left' who take a thoroughly anthropocentric view of society and its place on the planet which sits extremely ill with the eco-centric view of the natural greens...

Of course there is much in common in analysis of our current ills - yes social injustice, inequality, authoritarianism and so on are real problems.


The trouble comes when the leftist analysis of this, based on an anthropocentric view than puts the state of man at the centre of concern, plays directly into the hands of the ruling elite as the leftists seek to fight twentieth century battles (with nineteenth century weapons), allowing themselves to be painted into a corner reserved for freaks and throwbacks and not worth serious concern. A useful safety valve for the elite but thoroughly neutered as a potentially effective force for social change.

The coming revolution will not be a re-run of the revolution of 1916 in Russia in either its ideology or the forces that create the conditions for revolution.

On the other side the nice greens, the core greens, of various shades of green from golden green to forest green, being basically eco-centric and seeing man as being a component of the ecological system, are just too nice and undervaluing of the political society to fully engage with changing it.

Yes they'll turn out to leaflet for the revolution and will even play an active part if it comes along - but they are not going to start the revolution in case some person or being might get hurt.

So the traditional left hijack the party and drive it into the same old ideological corner with an unhealthy dose of political correctness thrown in to appease the nice greens.

Where will the leaders of the effective revolution come from - who will arise from the eco-anarchist phalanx to step into the Lenin/Trotsky role - because yes, there will be similarities with the previous revolutions, the same leadership roles will be filled although the ideologies driving them may be different.

Until we find the leadership prepared to act outside the capitalist system as well as within it, the leadership with a vision to inspire us from an ecological, not a socialist, perspective, we are not going to harness the power of those millions (in our own country) who already know that the system is broken and are just waiting to see what happens.

They will not respond to 19th Century stories - they are children of the late 20th Century and citizens of the 21st Century and they need a leader with a narrative that is compelling to the situation today. A narrative for which the elite have no effective counter because there is none. A narrative that is not based on competing states of man within a renaisance paradigm of mankind's ascent over nature. A narrative that tells not of how man may overcome and defeat nature for his own benefit and glory.

Such a narrative is accessible to us - it contains a vision of man as essentially a component part of the natural world we inhabit, from which comes an appropriate and effective response to environmental and social challenges. A narrative which is coherent and comprehensible to all those who see that the narratives of capitalism and socialism both are failing us. A narrative for our times. Articulated by a leader for our times. Does she live inside you?