I want to buy a book. Its published by the Aurum press and its retail price is £9.99. The author recommends getting it from Word Power Books, an independent online bookstore set up in 1994 as an alternative to the then growing Amazon behemoth. They have the book discounted to £8.49.

There is also a Kindle edition available which, of course, has to come from Amazon at £4.29, also linked from the author's site. I don't like reading non-fiction, which this book is, on Kindle but whilst considering I notice that Amazon have the physical book for £6.99 - hmmmm. Postage is £2.75, but if I were to spend another £3.01, which I easily could do, then postage would be free - hmmmmm.

Back to Word Power Books to see what their deal is - postage from them is £3.10 making a total of £11.49

So £1.74 more to avoid Amazon, or £4.50 if there's something else to buy at Amazon to get the free delivery (there always is). That's 64% extra, or 25% extra if I were to pay postage at Amazon...

On the other hand I could afford the extra £4.50 - but where would it go? Even Word Power Books is part of the corporate structure of industrial civilisation - yes they may pay their taxes and let their workers join unions and be nice people like us, but how far will that get us?

Perhaps the answer is to go with Amazon but to pay the £4.50 directly to support some work for a real alternative...

...update... so this is what I did. Purchased the book from Amazon and sent a cheque for £4.50 direct to the author.