From an email discussion on the Transition Cornwall Network list debating the implications of a peer reviewed scientific paper by Anderson and Bows on climate change

A quote from the last page (of Anderson & Bows 2010):

"the logic of such studies suggests (extremely) dangerous climate change can only be avoided if economic growth is exchanged, at least temporarily, for a period of planned austerity within Annex 1 nations [that's us] and a rapid transition away from fossil-fuelled development within non-Annex 1 nations."

The only way that is going to happen is if activists start actively disrupting infrastructure now to force a controlled collapse. The alternative is to gather your favourite books and people together and prepare to survive in the +6deg world which inevitably follows from +2deg through positive feedbacks.

Forget Galvanising Cornwall - it would be more appropriate to simply stop Cornwall's CO2 emissions by direct action; half a dozen dedicated people could now probably derail the capitalist consumption behemoth at least within an area the size of Cornwall.

Good luck and pass the matches...